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about Sk8

We are an enthusiastic community where everyone finds their place, regardless of age and level of training
The history of our club began in the distant past, when a group of like-minded people came together to create a place where everyone could enjoy riding a board and develop in this exciting sport.

The values that unite us

We share a passion for skateboarding and strive to improve it
We welcome players of all skill levels and physical fitness
We help our students develop their skills and achieve their goals
Respect, sports ethics and friendship are valued in our club
time to carve
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professional training

Technical skills
Our technical skills training is designed to improve basic skateboarding skills. We are working on improving maneuverability, accuracy and speed. Our training is aimed at improving the skill level of skaters in every aspect of technical skating.
Physical training
Physical fitness plays a key role in achieving success in skateboarding. Our physical fitness workouts include a variety of exercises to increase strength, speed and endurance. It helps skaters to be in great physical shape at the skate park.
the cost of training
Individual training in technical skills and physical training.
group training
4 training sessions per month Group of 5 people
4 workouts per month
4 training sessions per month Group of 8 people

our team

Our coaches help skaters develop their skills, correct mistakes, create customized training programs and motivate them to reach new heights.
Thanks to the professional approach of our coaches, skateboarders can achieve their sports goals faster and improve their skating skills.
waiting for you at the club
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